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Corporate Headshots – HP

I recently travelled to Basingstoke for a day to shoot 40 or so headshots for HP.  It’s not the most creative of photography but everyone was so lovely and friendly that I actually had a really enjoyable day.

My brief was to shoot 40+ headshots in 2 15 minute breaks and a 45 minute lunchbreak in the same style as the headshots they already had on their website.

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Natural Headshots – World Wildlife Fund

Shortly following the success of my shoot with HSBC I was approached by the CEO of the World Wildlife Fund to take a natural head shot of him in the same fly on the wall style I had done with HSBC.

It was a very short session but I think we got some great shots…

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HSBC – Cimate Review Talks

When an big multinational company approaches you to photograph something, no matter how small, you kinda start to panic.  What if I’m not good enough?  What if my photos come out all blurry?  Do I have enough lenses?  Answers from my ever so supportive fiance – your are, they won’t and how can 8 lenses not be enough?!  After the event I always wonder why I was so apprehensive but I guess that’s what makes it all exciting and hopefully leads to great photos as I am definitely my biggest critic.

HSBC wanted me to document a meeting of all member of their new Climate Review Partnership, including prominant members of the Smithsonian Institute, The World Wildlife Fund,, Earthwatch and even the CEO of HSBC himself.  The brief was to produce a series of fly on the wall images from the event to include in their Climate Review brochure.  No posing, no staging and no artificial lighting.

It was a privilege to be surrounded by such instrumental figures in the world of conservation and climate change and the day went really well.  Here’s a few images of the day…

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