About Me!A small blurb about little old me...


I’m Helen and I have been documenting weddings for about 7 years now. It’s been and continues to be the most amazing job I could have ever imagined, allowing me to meet the most fantastic people and witness so many magical moments. My work has been published both online and in print and I travel all over the globe to capture beautiful images.

When I put down my camera I love nothing more than being with the people I adore, mainly my husband Dom and our little Amélie. I also love travelling, snowboarding, yoga, drinking rosé in the sun, running, a good latte, walking barefoot along the sand, people who smile, my Contax 645, positivity, healthy living, art, cosying up with my hubby in front of a movie, good food and languages.

After spending 9 incredible years living abroad in Chamonix, Ibiza and New Zealand I can honestly say I’ve had a very blessed life so far and have met some wonderful people.  Shooting weddings allows me to continue doing just that, seeing amazing sights, experiencing beautiful moments and picking up some great friends along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and read my ramblings! xxx